First Steps or Next Steps?

It all depends whether you know about previous steps!

We’ve learnt a lot in the past year and more about the power of community connectors as bridges and also interpreters of information.

However, it makes sense to consult the Oracle and be hard nosed about what is involved. The do’s and don’ts from Frome’s perspective which  may guide us. There will be differences because Whitby is not a copy of Frome. The starting point is different but the end point might eventually be in a similar landing circle. That is part of the discovery process of moving forward.

Here is the description of an equipping package by Frome Medical Centre via their trainer, Hayley Morgan

Community Connector Package

Community Connectors are members of the community who know what’s out there and signpost friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to support in their own community. Community Connectors are very effective at integrating with their local communities – providing a bridge between local people and other services and building community knowledge.

We have passed on this training to people all round the world. It is so simple. It is all about people doing simple signposting.

Who is it for?

This is for anyone wanting to implement a Community Connector programme in their area. We suggest that it works best if you already have a website directory and a place in the community where people can find out about information.


We are now in the process of discussing and arranging this training possibly in the middle of October.

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