Whitby Community Alliance

Something potentially very important to the cause of Whitby Community’s Compassion project during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Just before lockdown, what has become known as Whitby Community Alliance was formed in embryo. During lockdown the embryo developed quite a lot to become a recognisable feature in the community landscape. Here is what it is about:-

Whitby Community Alliance is a newly formed (March 2020) collaboration of charities and community organisation members with the purpose of exploring  the benefits of closer working to ourselves and to the communities served.

 The aim is to build a stronger, broader voluntary community and social enterprise sector more aware than presently of the range of available services, capabilities and goals. As a result shared ambitions will come to the fore, with understanding also of areas of divergence.

 There will be access to collective skills, knowledge , opportunity awareness, resources and support. In turn this will  be a platform to nurture personal development and establish collaborative project alliances that will provide mutual support and confidence to WCA members and others with possibilities to mentor too.

 The Community Alliance has proved to be a very successful action that has drawn together around 15 voluntary sector organisations. Covid-19 and the use of Zoom for discussions accelerated its evolution and the discovery of what each member was doing to serve people in our community.

Covid-19 brought food challenges, different at different times and some of the Alliance members adapted rapidly to help people, starting up new services often involving delivery. These sat alongside the already existing food banks. It was decided that it would be a good idea to bring the different actions around one table and the outcome after just a couple of Zoom meetings was to establish a Whitby Food Provision Alliance. Again, that is progressing well.

Young people of all ages from tots to top end have been through and are still going through  a period that is unprecedented to their predecessors. We still do not know its full impact on children and young people and their families – or indeed the services provided for them. A potential sub-group sponsored by the Alliance is to look at the lifecycle of a person from 0 – 20 in Whitby district drawing on professional and voluntary sector knowledge and viewpoints to explore the wellbeing pro vision for youngsters, including from their families but extending to the extended family and our community.


Whitby Community Alliance

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