Whitby Directory of Wellbeing Services & Activities

This is an important leg on the three legged stool of the Compassion Project

It was in Frome. Available to GPs on their desks, to health staff and to the general public . Used by the volunteer Community Connectors also, of course, as a pocket online compendium.


This has opened on the “Befriending-Isolation” page of the Health Connections Frome web-site. Scrolling down, relevant activities and services are listed for Frome District residents. A GP can hit the print button and a particular activity can be printed out or indeed the whole set. Same at home too.

On the right are the various categories and some activities will appear under more than one category if relevant.

This is the direction in which we are heading.

We are seeking a couple of volunteers to work on this, evaluating directories that exist and their suitability.


Letter to Whitby Gazette this week

Radio 4’s  Start the Week topic 10 days ago was n the subject of Care and Compassion. There were 3 interviewees. One was Jeremy Hunt and another was Dr Helen Kingston from Frome, Somerset.
Helen was a GP pioneer of social prescribing and the initiator 6 years ago of a transformational town Compassionate Community project based on simple, practical, grass roots compassion.
Whitby Community’s Compassion Project, based on similar lines to Frome, has been developing on paper this year, after 18 months of exploration culminating in a 3 day visit there.
Key is knowing what services or activities are available in Whitby district  to help remedy different concerns. A sufficiently comprehensive online directory is needed as a ready reference. Frome Medical Practice developed its own bottom up. Fortunately we have some building blocks available, one of which is NYCC’s Connect database.
The project needs to evaluate available information sources to consider how they can be accessed “on the hoof” to signpost someone to help. We need some help in that!
We would appreciate hearing from prospective information detectives or explorers (however you view it) . It will take initiative, drive, logic and willingness to be part of a small focused team for a while. Youth nor upper age need  be a barrier to helping!
If you want to know more, please contact Graham Storer 07763 656627  graham_storer@btinternet.com to arrange a conversation.

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