Compassionate Bodies

Some (including me) would say there is no such thing as a compassionate organisation. Not even a church. But wait, before you shoot me!!

A body or  organisation is just that. A structure. It has no naturally beating heart.

Bodies are full of people and people have (or can have!) compassion. We have beating hearts and relationships.  There is something called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and at its best it is a form of compassionate response.

There are two types of CSR. Real and Artificial.

Artificial is when it is done because an organisation wants to look good to help sales. They look for a return for some apparently generous acts in their financial bottom lines.

Real is because a circumstance, a director, an employee, a crisis sees a need and “the Board” recognises they can do something about it. Not looking for return except to see outcomes they have contributed to that makes their sphere of influence better. It may be because they are local and they are part of the need or they are in a position to help even nationally.

The point is that it is dependent of people’s real compassion. Is the NHS compassionate? The staff at all levels are given the nature of what they do.

There are local businesses and organisations that are exemplars of organisational compassion. The two sub-pages contain some real (at present anonymised) examples of Whitby Corporate Compassion and some examples of compassion culture in other parts of the world. Remember, compassion is not soft and cuddly it is it is doing something tangible that has the recipient’s wellbeing central.

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