Eskdale Secondary School

Eskdale School – A Place of Belonging – A Place of Inspiration

Our vision for our community

Eskdale School serves a close-knit, but somewhat isolated community comprising the North Yorkshire coastal town of Whitby and the surrounding coastal and moorland villages. Its geographical position means that in some ways the community can feel a little cut off and removed from the wider world.

On the other hand, Whitby has historically been an outward looking port, renowned for its trading links and explorers.

These two aspects of our community are reflected in the school’s motto.

We are a place of belonging and place great value on nurturing a sense of pride in our local area and creating a caring environment in which our young people can develop and grow into responsible and considerate members of society.

We are also a place of inspiration and encourage our students to explore the wider world and understand that they have a vital role to play in it.

We have recently begun to share that vision of the school using the imagery of a bridge.

Bridges across the river Esk (after which the school is named) are an important reminder for our community that we are not isolated or cut off from the wider world  and that our role as a school is very much to build and strengthen these bridges.

The role of the school as a bridge can be seen in  different ways:

  • A bridge between childhood and adulthood.
  • A bridge between primary and further / higher education
  • A bridge between all members (and generations) of our community.
  • A bridge between town and country communities.
  • A bridge between our small and seemingly isolated community and the wider world.

As well as the two main principles of belonging and inspiration, we have used the word BRIDGE to identify other key values and qualities that we hope to instil in the young people we educate:

  • Belonging
  • Respect
  • Inspiration
  • Dignity
  • Generosity
  • Engage

The poet Phillip Larkin wrote:

As part of its bridge building, Eskdale School has adopted a programme based on restorative justice principles.

Here is a PowerPoint that introduces the programme and the approach. In many ways it is simply old fashioned common sense!

[doc id=406]

Ian Bloor at Eskdale is overseeing this programme but he also owns the BBC – the Bloor Broadcasting Company! Covid-19 and the virtual life of schools (and the rest of us) has led him into the dark art of Virtual Assemblies.

He has a library of interesting video productions – some in German!. Here is one of them at random for an assembly in July 2020.

To see more, go to the link immediately below:

Bloor Broadcasting Company

Well done Ian and others in Whitby districts educational system in primary and secondary education. For those many for whom school years are in the faded past, seeing this kind of material emphasises the contrast in methods and tools to our young days.

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