Local to Whitby

These are some real exemplars of corporate compassion that have been identified in our district. This page will be regularly updated to show different forms of organisational contribution.

  • A family business

A family run garage was approached for a quote for a repair and then to action the quote. Two visits when there was conversation. Covid-19 was an obvious discussion starter and its impact on their business. They spoke about the way they were trying to help their customers (longstanding ones but also vulnerable ones) by bending over backwards to find ways to continue to “help”.Planning for the Compassion Project was mentioned and they could see that their actions fitted the picture of the project. Why? Because they have heart for those in the Whitby community they are a part of. Hopefully this fits several local garages, but there is one particularly in mind of course.

  • A food manufacturer

This is a longstanding example of generous support from a business to Foodbank4Whitby, or rather to those who receive food and essentials in times of personal/family crisis through the food bank.

If you are local you will have guessed who this is and they have been very generous and active towards charities in the whole region.

Moreover, they take active interest in the services they support with their scampi!!


  • A movement

St. Hild of Whitby (614 – 680) was the founding Abbess of Whitby, who was by the standards even of today a powerful, forward thinking, inspired woman. She founded a monastery for both men and women. The monastery hosted the Synod of Whitby in 664. Hilda led one of the most important religious centres in the Anglo-Saxon world that  set the course for Christianity in England.  Whitby had invaders too who gave the place its name.
Faith has fed many in Whitby district and John Wesley was a horseback visitor here and just about everywhere in England! Another powerful impactful influence. Faith is not much about buildings, denominations and hierarchies. It is about personal qualities like compassion fed spiritually.
St Hild founded the monastery and one of its features was that the “Brothers and Sisters” should be engaged with practical work and serving the community.




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