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There have been several blogs on Whitby District Sheds website and an Opinion piece in Whitby Gazette in April 2018. So moving on a project for Whitby is not a snap decision.

Here is an August 2020 article in the Whitby Gazette that was a stake in the ground indicating the launch of a project.


It is important that the community knows what is going on and what the future opportunities to help will be. That is why this website is launched quite quickly. It has not been difficult to do because it can suck content from the Whitby Sheds web site which has been the information centre for the past 9 months.

It is here that the story of the developing Compassion Project will be followed.

The two sub pages are two previous significant blogs on the Sheds site.

One significant event in late June was the publication of a book about the Frome project. “The Compassion Project – A cause for hope & humankindness from the town that beat loneliness”  (Abel & Clarke)

Two particular sections from the book are included in the second sub page. About Community Connectors, Talking Cafes and the Directory of activities promoting personal wellbeing.


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