Criss Cross Hubs

People’s paths often criss cross each other. That is what is intended to happen with Community Connectors.

Rather than referring to Talking Cafes, we thought that Criss Cross Hubs might be a better description with greater flexibility in  rural areas where suitable cafe operations are not  available.

Criss Cross Connectors might then fit as a name for the volunteers acting as Community Connectors.

There are three initial locations being considered surrounding Whitby in Sleights, Sandsend/Lythe and Robin Hood’s Bay (Fylingdales area),

The message to the initial Meeting Hubs and those that follow is to implement locally BUT THINK globally (or Whitby district anyway!). Roll out is probably the word that best describes the approach to the process. Rolling out as places offer support and catch the vision.  Imagine it is like the network of independently run Spar shops in relation to some background support logistics.

This would give the Sheds something to do. There are old coachbuilders amongst them and other good at the expert craft of bodging:-) Name? The Compassion Wagon!

Each Criss-Cross HUB has a page to follow in due course as they become ready in their timescales. Each will start up differently for sure and utilise what is already available.

There might need to be a “pop-up” cafe and a caravan awning lounge as SAMS Shed in Sleights now has.

We cannot anticipate the coronavirus. It may be that some of what is done initially has to be vide-conference based. There are solutions the Sheds have used to fill the gap of missing broadband connections if required. And quickly too.

The answer is in the ether but accessed via local organisation Signa Technologies Ltd. who work principally in our rural areas.



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